Monday, July 31, 2006

Becoming A Lawyer

Yuki Matsuda :

Looking for a gospel song I think it's called "The Blessings of Abraham"need some help

Anja Knauer :

The Blessings of Abraham was recorded by the Tri-City Singers, featuring Donald Lawrence. I found these lyrics at the site linked below, which seems to be an excellent resource for those interested in Gospel Lyrics...

Yvette Duncan :

Hope this is what you were looking for!

Becky Sharpe :

I am the God who healith thee

Maiko Kawakami :

O that you want Me trust in me

Lynette Curran :

You are the seed

Clare Kramer :

By faith receive

Isabelle Joly :

The blessings of Abraham

Vanessa Jarry :

Where ever you are

Amandine Maugy :

Where ever you go

Suzen Murakoshi :

What ever you touch it's anointed to grow

Evangeline Lilly :

You are the seed

Millicent Sheridan :

By faith receive

Yan Nam :

The blessings of Abraham

Paloma Duarte :

It's your inheritance

Carissa Rosario :

Get your inheritance

Keyla Wood :

You are the seed

Deborah Luce :

By faith receive

Barbara Edwards :

The blessings of Abraham

Page Leong :

Where ever you are

Veronica Carothers :

Where ever you go

Emmanuelle Beart :

What ever you touch it's anointed to grow

Erika Nann :

You are the seed

Kim Lewid :

By faith receive

Svenja Beneke :

The blessings of Abraham

Jessica Abbott :

It's your inheritance

Sherry Stringfield :

Get your inheritance

Lezlie Deane :

You are the seed

Rosalind Bennett :

By faith receive

Melissa Jaffer :

The blessings of Abraham

Toby Poser :

It's your, It's your

Ruth Collins :

It's your Inheritance

Lauren German :

The head, not the tail

Denice Duff :

Above, not beneath

Marianne O Ulrichsen :

A lender not a borrower

Annabella Wood :

Get your Inheritance

Cameron :

You are the seed

Maya Zapata :

By faith receive

Ingrid Oliu :

The blessings of Abraham

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Jacqueline Ramel :

Who was the better front man

Colleen Haskell :

Sammy Hagar

Wendel Meldrum :

David Lee Roth.

Anne Jacquemin :


Alice Davis :


Danica Stewart :

David Lee Roth, Hello, have you heard his voice!?

Angel Boris :

David Lee Roth on song writing (yes he wrote the words)

Alice Davis :

Hagar on singing, and great live shows

Rebecca Cheung :

the other guy was good but not good enough.

Jennifer Blanc :

Davis Lee Roth-- I really don't like Van Hagar much at all

Tawny Garrison :

David Lee Roth, he brought the swagger that made the band as big as it was,.. they were young and drunk,..

Christine Boisson :

sammy came around after they were a little older and more mellow

Mabel Escano :

In general, David Lee Roth.

Scarlett McAlister :

But I'm not one of those Van Halen fans who is totally anti-Hagar. My favorite VH album is probably 5150 which was with Sammy.

Laura Bayonas :

David Lee Roth. No question.

Mia Zottoli :

DLR. Although 5150 ws one V.H.'s best albums.

Ivana Monti :


Carol Speed :

Sammy all the way. He and Eddie wrote the songs. I think Hagar kicks ass! He was better solo than with Van Halen, but anything with his voice and his writing talents are always tops for me. Roth is way too arrogant to be a lasting rock star.

Saira Todd :

Roth without a doubt! Different sound and the band blended much better, too bad they were not able to put aside petty problems and make more music.

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Deborah Kara Unger :

Who is the worst singer you ever heard

Berit Agedahl :

Yoko Ono.

Lavinia Wilson :

Tiny Tim.

Michelle Forbes :

anything post 1990

Mi Gronlund :

i.e. hilary duff, britney spears, eminem, any of that junk

Holly Dignard :

real music consists of classic rock from the 60's to 80s'.

Erika Michaels :

William Hung and Britney Spears.

Louise Irwin :

Madonna on Lucky Star. Oh my gosh, just awful.

Kimberleigh Stark :

Brittany Spears

Alesha Oreskovich :

Any rapper they are all no talent slugs.

Kristen Swieconek :

Meatloaf on the American Idol finale

Carmen Silva :

Ashlee Simpson

Lorena Garcia :

ashley simpsion

Buffy Tyler :

Laurie Berkner

Keyla Wood :

ashlee simpson

Ulrike Panse :

Bob Dylan

Keyla Wood :

Ashlee Simpson!

Carla Peterson :

William Hung

Joana Azevedo :

Michelle from Destiny's Child!

Paula Ann Bland :

Bob Dylan and Neal Young. Good God! They suck.

Nathalie Cardone :

britnay spears ahe stinks worse than my feet

Ana Luisa Pardo :

the person that won American Idol

Yan Nam :

What's-his-name from AC/DC

Carol Bilger :

Rosanne Barr when she sang the US National Anthem - might have been a joke but it was cringeworthy nonetheless.

Susie Porter :

Guy from Ac/Dc.

Leslie Malton :

Or William Hung.

Patsy Kensit :

Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! There's nothing worse!

Gila von Weitershausen :

Jessica Simpson

Bess Meyer :

Lindsay Lohan

Jennifer Gayle :


Pamela Collyer :


Emmanuelle Beart :

Rab Pplz

Joanne Pearce :

Alexisonfire !!!!!! OMG !!! Do they actually call that talent ??? Do they actually call that SINGING ??? EWWWWWW !!!!!!!!! More like SCREAMING !!! I even know of a guy who LIKES that group !!! booooo to Aof !!! & boo to the guy who's a fan of theirs !!!

Chachi Butler :

Keisha Cole. That girl know she wrong for that song love

Isabel Ribas Schmidt :

david hasselhof...(or whatever is his name)

Tippi Hedren :

i don't listen to ANY American music coz none of it makes any sense to me. So, sorry, couldn't tell ya even if i tried.

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Zita Gorog :

My boyfriend wants to be a rockstar, and he really thinks hes gonna, but i don't think he has a chance

Linda Boyce :

Just sit him down and say in the nicest way. So what are you planning to do with your life?. If he says rockstar, chuckle and go " No, really, what are you goin to do with ur life?

Saori Taira :

You're right, he isn't.

Angelica Domrose :

Don't try to dash his dreams. All the famous artists sucked at one point in time. And practice can only make them better. I guess you just have to say he needs to continue to do what he's doing and devout some quality time to his band, and practice alot lol Who knows? He might make it.

Valerie Lemercier :

You might want to think about finding someone else and letting him pursue his dreams without a girlfriend who's throwing cold is hard enough...maybe you should find someone whose dream you agree with and letting him do his thing....girlfriends and boyfriends are a dime a dozen...passion and enthusiasm and self-fulfilling activity are hard to find in this world of superficial distractions...however, speaking as a pro musician of many years, I wish I would have learned a "trade"to pay the bills with....the odds are small that anyone becomes famous but one should do it for the music and not the fame...all the good people DID suck once but they KEPT AT IT AND WORKED AND GOT BETTER

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Gabrielle Odinis :

where can i find or who sings new version of california dreaming (rock version)

Beate Finckh :

Multiple techno artists, such as Benny Benassi, have sampled the song and created remixes that have experienced much popularity within clubs and radio stations.

Sigrid Alegria :

The Beach Boys have also released a cover version which is also quite popular.

Susana Zabaleta :

California Dreamin' was also sampled by techno artist DJ Sammy in a remix.

Janine Lindemulder :

Pennywise made a punk-rock cover

Shana Hiatt :

America recorded a cover

Ulla Renneke :

Actually, there are quite a few versions of California Dreaming, other than the original by The Mamas & The Papas -

Florence Giorgetti :

Bennie Benassi, Global DJ's, DJ Sammy, Guster, and Pennywise all have versions. I'm sure there are others...

Silvia Abascal :

Just what you consider the "rock version" is in the eye of the beholder (or should I say the ear of the listener - LOL).

Vicenta NDongo :

DJ Doboy has a version on his album

Mildred Von Heildegard :

Vocal Edition Volume 05

Rena Zednikova :

01. dj sammy - california dreaming

Svetlana Chavez :

02. cyclus - lost love (extended mix)

Agnes Pontier :

03. fragma - time and time again

Olivia Outre :

04. aj gibson vs yoshi - across the sky

Maria Cardinal :

05. edvika - sometimes (fire and ice remix)

Marliece Andrada :

06. madelyne - beautiful child (4 strings vocal mix)

Georgina Bouzova :

07. matt darey feat marcella woods - u shine on (original mix)

Gabriela Maria Schmeide :

08. thrillseekers - dreaming of you

Vera Briole :

09. foggy - come into my dream (pulsedriver dj mix)

Patricia Haines :

10. ian van dahl - try (micheal woods remix)

Heather McComb :

11. riva - time is the healer

Erin Flannery :

12. 4 strings - diving (orginal vocal mix)

Lia Beldam :

13. kelli ali - inferno high love

Keyla Wood :

14. labworks - ibiza sunrise (airbase remix)

Hooked On Phonics

Jill Damas :

How do I seperate this iron from this sand I try using a magnet but the sand comes with the iron!!

Meriah Nelson :

Iron and water. Just wash the sand off the iron.

Andrea Sawatzki :

It can be quite a bother. While iron is heavier than sand, if the particle size is close, water won't rinse it well and in addition, will tend to rust the iron.

Bebe Rebolledo :

So, you can try putting the mix in a non-polar solvent (like naphtha) that won't react with iron and swirl it with your magnet.

Joanne Arber :

Best way is to probably melt the whole thing and the sand melt will float to the top where you can pour/scrape it off.

Amanda Righetti :

Another method would be to dissolve the iron in an acid which won't dissolve the sand (say, HCl), dilute and filter the solution produced to separate out the sand and then concentrate and use electrolysis to recover the iron.

Clara Rainbow :

It really just depends if you are after some analytical method, or a gross separation. If you want a really cool way to do it, eat the mix and recover the iron from your feces and blood. You could get a cat or other animal to eat it if you don't like the flavor.

Barbara Carrera :

The method of seperating the two would depend upon the level of seperation you want,the size of grains and the mineralogical composition of the sand.

Pascale Devigne :

Normally for sand size grains, a hand held magnet should do the job. If it fails then the reason could be that :

Lara Harris :

(1) the sand grains have inclusions of magnetite.

Stacy Rossman :

(2) The sand grains are magnetic, may be compositionaly they are mafic/ultramafic or ultrabsic rock grains.

Lexi :

(3) the grain size is such that magnetite and other rock grains are not liberated from eachother.

Eun-Yeong Song :

To achieve a good seperation you can pulversie the material in pestle and mortar, seive it to - sand size and then use the magnet. Place the magnet in a polythene packet and move the magnet in the sand. This way you would be able to seperate the magnite grains easily, just take out the magnet from the polythene, the magnetite grais would fall and your magnet would remain clean. Repeat as many times you desire. Furhter seperation can be achieved through isodynamic seperator ( you can access it in any Geology Deptt. of Graduate college) and then further enrichment can be achieved through heavy media seperation in the lab. You must take help of lab technicians as the heavy media is toxic and requires precautions.

Free Piano Sheet

Lynn Whitfield :

What's your favorite band

Vanessa Shaver :


Haans Siver :


Nikki Schieler Ziering :


Dina Spybey :

the who

Crystin Sinclaire :

death cab for cutie

Laura Smet :

i like a lot of bands

Bijou Phillips :

My Chemical Romance!!!

Oralee Sanders :

nickleback ,i love the song "saving me"

Elke Jeinsen :

Social Distortion

Leah Ramsay :


Romola Garai :

White Light White Heat White Trash

Elisa Schwarz :

no video

Jenny Seagrove :

all their stuff is great - as is Mike Ness on his own. Check it.

Clementine Ford :

I thought your question was rather too long, too obnoxious, too many spelling mistakes, too crap that i really dont wish to waste my time answering it.

Fiona Loewi :

What i can do is give you an excellent website for you to visit and maybe learn something. The website is:-

Triana Gamaza : Enjoy and get educated

Caitlin OHeaney :


Lauren German :

Make Yourself

Jessica Farrel :

Make Yourself

Juliane Rautenberg :

Are You In?

Lauren German :

Concerts...they have the greatest concerts.

Ilona Fouchet :

Aerosmith..... I love their song Angel.

Dominique Laurent :

linkin park baby!!!

Corey Chang :


Marie Saint-Dizier :

The White Stripes. I just love them.

Karen-Lise Mynster :


Jennifer Ryan :

Black eyed peas - pump it

Carla Harvey :

Blink 182 is my favorite band.

Cecile Cassel :

i have many

Crystal Smith :

a7x, MCR, Augustana, AAR, and Red Hot Chili Peppers

Miko Lee :

Right now my fav. song is by Blue October called Hate Me. It is alternative rock so you will probably not get anymore responses for this song. The new Red Hot Chili Peppers song Davy California is also a really good song. The outtro sounds like Jimmy Hendrix himself came back from the dead and played it.

Sharon Tate :

I'm a retro chick, lol.

Denise Virieux :

Now what's my fav..? I think Savage Garden are awesome... so yeah, Savage Garden!!!

Victoria Style :


Madoka Osawa :

pussycat dolls

Angelica Chain :

1) Band: Stone Temple Pilots

Shannan Leigh :

2) Song: Big Empty

Kaitlyn Ashley :

3) Album: Core

Diana Peng Tan :

4) Video: Plush

Lavinia Wilson :

They have so many good songs, check out "Wicked Garden", "Interstate Love Song", "Plush", "Creep", "Vasoline", "Sour Girl", and "Sex Type Thing". I bet you will know 70% of those!

Ali Landry :

Deatiny child.But it's a b.e.t singing group.

Catherine Burns :


Lilia Zilinna :


Lavinia Wilson :


Kimber Sissons :


Martha Cope :


Julie Strain :


Regina Hall :


Lisa Enos :


Sarah Manners :


Katie Mitchell :

Gonna have to go with Queen on this one the members are all actual musicians. And Freddie Mercury's vocal range id nothing short of amazing.

Marilyn Chambers :

nickelback song(far away)

Lavinia Wilson :

Not really a badn but I am in LOVE with 2Pac's music!And if you do not know who he is i feel sorry for you!

Audrey Landers :

My favorite right now is Story of the Year. I also like Godsmack and some Nickleback. I got lots more, but these are my top 3 atm.

Marion Ley :

My favorite band is Green Day. My favorite song is Wake Me Up When September Ends, my favorite album is American Idiot, my favorite video is the same as my favorite song.

Anita Ekberg :

Billie Joe = the hottest guy in the universe

Caitlin Levitsky :

Rascal Flatts baby!!!...oh and i like All American Rejects too

Shanna Moakler :

Big N Rich - Save a Horse - Love the video!

Annette Burger :

Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman - Love the video!

Cheryl Kay :

Trace Adkins - Chrome - Love that video too!

Violeta Rodriguez :

Band: DEVO, Song: Jocko Homo, Album: Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!, Video: Worried Man, and about everything else they've done.

Lauren German :

my favorite band is motley crue myfavrite song is girls girls girls and so is y video

Jessica Campbell :

I luv PLAY! Play is[was] made up of: Rosie Munter ,Janet Leon ,Anna Sundstrand ,Anais Lameche and my fave Faye Hamlin! My fave. song they sing is I Must Not Chase The Boys [this song doesn't include the voice of Janet Leon}. My fave. video is I Must Not Chase The Boys!Fave. album Replay!

Christine Boisson :

goo goo dolls

Frances McDormand :

slide and sympathy

Darby ORiley :


Jayne Bentzen :


Lynn Whitfield :

THE BEACH BOYS - their music is excellent. My favourite songs from them are: Little Deuce Coup, Ballad of Ole Betsy, Spirit of America, In My Room, Wouldn't It Be Nice, I Get Around, California Girls, Good Vibrations, Noble Surfer, Be True To Your School, Car Crazy Cutie, All Summer Long and Surfin' USA.

Tahnee Welch :

Rolling Stones

Natalie Amenula :

Fav Band - KISS

Anne Goldmann :

Fav Song - Love Gun

Dionne Warwick :

Fav Album - Revenge

Violetta Kolakowska :

Fav Video - Unholy

Norma Jean Jones :

KISS put on the best Rock N' Roll show you'll ever see!!!

Judi Dench :

Arch Enemy..nemesis..doomsday machine that's a girl that can scream if u like flyleaf you'll like arch enemy but they're alot heavier and you should also check out kittie if u haven't already

Camel Toe Gallery

Moe Ishikawa :

Who's bigger Nirvana or Metallica WHY(Don't give me a 3rd name please)

Brigitte Kren :

Nirvana changed the Music scene but Metallicas been rockin since the 80's.....hmmmmm

Michele Hicks :

Im going with Metallica since theyre still around.

Kirsten Dunst :

Since you don't allow 3rd names, I'd have to go with Metallica. They had good tunes, bad tunes, fast tunes, slow tunes, everything. Nirvana just had a couple of whiny songs for frustrated suicidal teens.

Jane Lapotaire :

Nirvana didn't sue their fana like metallica did so I'd have to say Nirvana.... besides their music was a lot better.

Lamya Derval :

metallica blows..Lets sue some kids for downloading our song. Stealing? No, stealing is charging kids $20.00+ for a CD.

Dani Marco :

Nirvana paved the way for a new kind of music. Metallica has always rocked. You seem to be bigger after death, so I am going with Nirvana.

Lana Pirian :

Metallica. Bigger Name, Better Music, Sure they sued their fans but at least their music didnt drive their lead singer to suicide.

Carla Harvey :

That's a tough call, but I tend to lean towards Nirvana. Yeah, they were all angsty but they died/disbanded before they really went downhill musically. Can't say the same for Metallica. Nirvana went out on top & will stay that way, Metallica probably won't.

Anna Mottram :

NIRVANA - hands down.

Carmen Elias :

If you're talking BIG, Kurt Cobain is now in "rock heaven", and went out on top. The fact that he was great when he died makes him a sort of "immortal" figure like Jim Morrison or Jimi Hendrix.

Monique Belisle :

Metallica, on the other hand, is a band that was once great but has gone downhill ever since the mid-90's with poppier music and lineup changes.

Clotilde Courau :

Nirvana is definitely the "bigger" band.

Kathy Willets :

Nirvana..end of story.

Tailinh Forest Flower :

Nirvana changed the face of music, and were a voice for a generation of lost youth. just ask yourself one question.

Laura Dominguez :

In 20 more years will we be talking about what genious songwriters metallica were?? or will we still be talking about nirvana and kurt cobain? i think its pretty self-explanitory.

Maria Seweryn :

Metallica sucks. Kurt effectively changed the face of music in the late 80s/early 90s, and everyone knows his name- even after he's been dead for 12 years. I only know one person who could tell me the names of the people in Metallica.

Free Gay Hairy

Poh Ing Yeow :

what's the best song ever

Alyson Beal :

"Desert Plains" - Judas Priest

Pauline Yates :

in extra to the golden age of queen , find slaisbury for uriah heep ,

Jenny McCrindle :

Stairwell to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Valerie Donzelli :

house of the rising sun...either by the animals or frijid pink

Gabriele Hengel :

seeds of love- tear for fears

Dominique Simone :

The best song ever is whatever you believe it is.

Marina Giulia Cavalli :

Anything written or performed by the rock supergroup "Hanson".

Comba Campoy :

counting on me by korn

Nicole Ansari :

1985- bowling for soup :D

Donnamarie Recco :

true faith by new order or the show by girls aloud

Rosanna Roces :

the best song and band is lost boys by the 69 eyes

Alison Dunbar :

the best song ever is.......Helena by My Chemical Romance

Stephanie Skura :

U2 - One

Neva Davis :

Groovy Kind Of Love- Phil collins

Linda Kozlowski :

Ms.New booty by bubba sparxxx

Barbara Joyce :

Wow, Why cant we just have a bunch of the greatest songs ever.I really hate to figure one song as the best song ever especially when i listen to most every thing.Everyone keep trying to figure that one out and i'll just keep on listening to the many great songs i have in my collection.

Thrudur Vilhjalmsdottir :

Here is what poll after poll have produced,

Cornelia Kondgen :


Tarah Paige :

Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 1965

Shanna McCullough :


Jade Robertson :

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones 1965

Patsy Kensit :

3 Imagine John Lennon 1971

Ankie Beilke :


Rachel Palmieri :

What's Going On Marvin Gaye 1971

Michelle Williams :


Corinne Dacla :

Respect Aretha Franklin 1967

Andrea Roth :


Erin Cottrell :

Good Vibrations The Beach Boys 1966

Maya Gaugler :


Verkina Flower :

Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry 1958

Mia Wolf :

8 Hey Jude The Beatles 1968

Gabriele Moritz :


Ingrid Boulting :

Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 1991

Cristiana Reali :


Catherine Klein :

What'd I Say Ray Charles 1959

Kristina St Clair :


Suzanna Hamilton :

My Generation The Who 1965

Juleah Weikel :

12 A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke 1964

Ashley Cox :

13 Yesterday The Beatles 1965

Darcy DeMoss :


Zana Cochran :

Blowin' in the Wind Bob Dylan 1963

Laetitia Gabrielli :


Carolina Bona :

London Calling The Clash 1980

Erica Ehm :

16 I Want to Hold Your Hand The Beatles 1963

Corinne Darmon :


Tara Ellison :

Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix 1967

April Grant :


Olga Anthony :

Maybellene Chuck Berry 1955

Alla Korot :


Lorna Pegler :

Hound Dog Elvis Presley 1956

Frances OConnor :

20 Let It Be The Beatles 1970

Ariana Fronti :


Morganna :

Born to Run Bruce Springsteen 1975

Olivia Bonamy :

22 Be My Baby The Ronettes 1963

Jenny Levine :

23 In My Life The Beatles 1965

Laura Reilly :


Grace De Capitani :

People Get Ready The Impressions 1965

Clementine Amouroux :


Bertha Ruiz :

God Only Knows The Beach Boys 1966

Ariel Kiley :

26 A Day in the Life The Beatles 1967

Marybeth Young :


Francesca Dellera :

Layla Derek and the Dominos 1970

Karyn Parsons :


Tania Velia :

(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay Otis Redding 1968

Tamara Landry :

29 Help! The Beatles 1965

Vanessa Parise :


Laura Morante :

I Walk the Line Johnny Cash 1956

Cassie Branham :

31 Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin 1971

Ivana Bozilovic :


Suzanne von Borsody :

Sympathy for the Devil The Rolling Stones 1968

Marla Malcolm :


Tais Araujo :

River Deep, Mountain High Tina Turner 1966

Karin Viard :


Shannon Lawson :

You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling The Righteous Brothers 1964

Prunella Scales :


Loli Tovar :

Light My Fire The Doors 1967

Annelise Hesme :


Kate Hodge :

One U2 1991

Joy E Gregory :


Glenda Jackson :

No Woman, No Cry Bob Marley 1975

Charity Rahmer :


Irmelin Beringer :

Gimme Shelter The Rolling Stones 1969

Francoise Arnoul :


Molly Parker :

That'll Be the Day Buddy Holly 1957

Hannelore Elsner :


Anuk Ens :

Dancin' in the Streets Martha and the Vandellas 1964

Ka Ling Yeung :


Catalina Guerra :

The Weight The Band 1968

Margarita Broich :


Monique van Vooren :

Waterloo Sunset The Kinks 1968

Julie Strain :


Rachel Feary :

Tutti Frutti Little Richard 1956

Mimi Craven :

44 Georgia on My Mind Ray Charles 1960

Anke Engelke :


Ari Graynor :

Heartbreak Hotel Elvis Presley 1956

Maura Tierney :


Kris Williams :

Heroes David Bowie 1977

Heather Menzies :


Emmanuelle Beart :

Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon & Garfunkel 1970

Katherine Kriss :


Delphine Serina :

All Along the Watchtower Jimi Hendrix 1968

Claudia Neidig :


Beni Cardosi :

Hotel California The Eagles 1976

Francine Locke :


Cindy Williams :

The Tracks of My Tears Smokey Robinson 1965

Moe Ishikawa :

51 The Message Grandmaster Flash 1982

Frances OConnor :


Claire Benito :

When Doves Cry Prince 1984

Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith :

53 Anarchy in the U.K. The Sex Pistols 1977

Michele Marian :


Melissa Sefrani :

When a Man Loves a Woman Percy Sledge 1966

Amanda Ooms :

55 Louie Louie The Kingsmen 1963

Josephine Serre :


Kathleen Wilhoite :

Long Tall Sally Little Richard 1956

Joana Preiss :


Andrea Bogart :

A Whiter Shade of Pale Procol Harum 1967

Nicolin Kunz :


Salome Kammer :

Billie Jean Michael Jackson 1983

Liat Bein-Levy :


Nikki Schieler Ziering :

The Times They Are A-Changin' Bob Dylan 1964

Terri Poch :


Jaclyn Smith :

Let's Stay Together Al Green 1971

Patricia Edmunds :

61 Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On Jerry Lee Lewis 1957

Lorraine Peters :


Kim Wayans :

Bo Diddley Bo Diddley 1955

Darla Paris :


Caroline Hunnisett :

For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield 1967

Catherine McCormack :

64 She Loves You The Beatles 1963

Deirdre Lovejoy :


Dawn Dunlap :

Sunshine of Your Love Cream 1968

Elizabeth Kemp :


Vanessa Vitale :

Redemption Song Bob Marley 1980

Anne Heche :


Mary Louise Weller :

Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley 1957

Mageina Tovah :


Donielle Artese :

Tangled Up in Blue Bob Dylan 1975

Tami Moss :


Jessica Karr :

Crying Roy Orbison 1961

Brigitte Bako :

70 Walk On By Dionne Warwick 1964

April Adams :


Zia McCabe :

California Girls The Beach Boys 1965

Gabriele Moritz :


Lamya Derval :

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag James Brown 1966

Anneka Svenska :

73 Summertime Blues Eddie Cochran 1958

Irene Cara :


Anja Kling :

Superstition Stevie Wonder 1972

Inday Ba :

75 Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin 1969

Julie Saunders :

76 Strawberry Fields Forever The Beatles 1967

Rachel Steiner :


Silvia Janisch :

Mystery Train Elvis Presley 1955

Victoria Style :


Grace Park :

I Got You (I Feel Good) James Brown 1965

Colleen Morris :


Dawn Monacco :

Mr. Tambourine Man The Byrds 1965

Marilyn Joi :


Foxy Lae :

I Heard It Through the Grapevine Marvin Gaye 1968

Sandra Taylor :


Somaya Reece :

Blueberry Hill Fats Domino 1956

Susanne Berckhemer :


Ilona Fouchet :

You Really Got Me The Kinks 1964

Lynda Gold :

83 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) The Beatles 1965

Sarah Badel :


Lavinia Wilson :

Every Breath You Take The Police 1983

Nikki Deloach :


Vanessa Bauche :

Crazy Patsy Cline 1961

Sylvia Miles :


Katerina Didaskalu :

Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen 1975

Mowava Pryor :


Angel Tompkins :

Ring of Fire Johnny Cash 1963

Hannah de Leeuwe :


Benedicte Loyen :

My Girl The Temptations 1965

Malin Fischer :


Amanda Ward :

California Dreamin' The Mamas & The Papas 1965

Martina Gedeck :

90 In the Still of the Night The Five Satins 1956

Traci Lords :


Cara van Landingham :

Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley 1969

Victoria Haas :


Leonie Thelen :

Blitzkrieg Bop The Ramones 1976

Andrea Parro :


Victoria Thompson :

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For U2 1987

Nele Bauwens :


Trina Parks :

Good Golly, Miss Molly Little Richard 1958

Emer McCourt :


Maite Pastor :

Blue Suede Shoes Carl Perkins 1956

Lindsey McKeon :


April Tung :

Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis 1957

Corinne Dacla :


Erika Eleniak :

Roll Over Beethoven Chuck Berry 1956

Diane Lane :


Myriam Moraly :

Love and Happiness Al Green 1972

Marguerite Moreau :


Leeanna Walsman :

Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969

Bettina Kupfer :


Patricia Skeriotis :

You Can't Always Get What You Want The Rolling Stones 1969

Rita Montone :


Carla Romanelli :

Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Jimi Hendrix 1968

Jutta Fastian :


Janina Hartwig :

Be-Bop-A-Lula Gene Vincent 1956

Patricia Richardson :


Julie Kavner :

Hot Stuff Donna Summer 1979

Sally Kirkland :


Alison Elliott :

Living for the City Stevie Wonder 1973

Gina Janssen :


Kris Burtt :

The Boxer Simon & Garfunkel 1969

Mascha Gonska :


Ankle Leung :

Mr. Tambourine Man Bob Dylan 1965

Julieta Egurrola :


Claudia Teixeira :

Not Fade Away Buddy Holly 1957

Cynthia Miles :


Shungiku Uchida :

Little Red Corvette Prince 1983

Sissi Perlinger :


Mylene Jampanoi :

Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison 1967

Monika Disse :


Roxy Hearts :

I've Been Loving You Too Long (to Stop Now) Otis Redding 1965

Susan Hale :


Elizabeth Giordano :

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Hank Williams 1949

Helen Mirren :


Marie Moute :

That's All Right Elvis Presley 1954

Nicolette Sheridan :

113 Up on the Roof The Drifters 1962

Betty Mars :

114 Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home) The Crystals 1963

Bik Wing Chung :


Ivana Sejenovich :

You Send Me Sam Cooke 1957

Nina Garbiras :


Sunset Thomas :

Honky Tonk Women The Rolling Stones 1969

Pamela Bach :


Bik Wing Chung :

Take Me to the River Al Green 1974

Emmanuelle Beart :


Laetitia Lacroix :

Shout (Parts 1 and 2) The Isley Brothers 1959

Kaori Taylor :


Erika Nann :

Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac 1977

Jacqueline McKenzie :


Melanie Marschke :

I Want You Back The Jackson 5 1969

Laura Jianu :


Summer Altice :

Stand By Me Ben E. King 1961

Callie Thorne :


Louise Delamere :

House of the Rising Sun The Animals 1964

Angela Molina :


Angie Milliken :

It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World James Brown 1966

Corinne Dacla :


Kitty Carl :

Jumpin' Jack Flash The Rolling Stones 1968

Yvette Buchanan :

125 Will You Love Me Tomorrow The Shirelles 1960

Nuria Hosta :


Brigitte Hobmeier :

Shake, Rattle & Roll Big Joe Turner 1954

Tera Tabrizi :


Michelle Perry :

Changes David Bowie 1971

Barbara Meale :


Marisa Coughlan :

Rock And Roll Music Chuck Berry 1957

Colleen Camp :


Rachel Miner :

Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf 1968

Sonya Tsuchigane :

130 Maggie May Rod Stewart 1971

Holly Aird :


Tromelissa Saytar :

With or Without You U2 1987

Sara Thurstan :


Mapi Galan :

Who Do You Love? Bo Diddley 1957

Annette Sinclair :


Kim Delaney :

Won't Get Fooled Again The Who 1971

Julie Strain :


Angela Castilla :

In the Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett 1965

Rachel York :

135 While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles 1968

Lauren German :


Barbara Sukowa :

Your Song Elton John 1970

Kristen Fontaine :

137 Eleanor Rigby The Beatles 1966

Carol Hawkins :


Heike Krone :

Family Affair Sly & the Family Stone 1971

Jaime Anstead :

139 I Saw Her Standing There The Beatles 1964

Karen Thomas :

140 Kashmir Led Zeppelin 1975

Eva Meier :


Nikki Griffin :

All I Have to Do Is Dream The Everly Brothers 1958

Birgit Buschak :


Jennifer Loeb :

Please, Please, Please James Brown 1956

Tanja Reichert :


Lisa Arrindell Anderson :

Purple Rain Prince 1984

Kaaren de Zilva :


Demene Hall :

I Wanna Be Sedated The Ramones 1978

Mycle Brandy :


Karen Thomas :

Everyday People Sly & the Family Stone 1968

Pamella Berkeley :


Noel Francomano :

Rock Lobster The B-52's 1979

Jessica McCann :

147 Lust for Life Iggy Pop 1977

Leelee Sobieski :


Marika Taylor :

Me and Bobby McGee Janis Joplin 1971

Kylie Rachel :


Helen Schlesinger :

Cathy's Clown The Everly Brothers 1960

Christine Boisson :


Cheryl Dunye :

Eight Miles High The Byrds 1966

Katie Blake :


Bette Midler :

Earth Angel The Penguins 1954

Alla Korot :


Sylvia Baker :

Foxey Lady Jimi Hendrix 1965

Barbara Meale :

153 A Hard Day's Night The Beatles 1964

Jacqueline Pearce :


Dolly Parton :

Rave On Buddy Holly 1958

Puppa Armbruster :


Baelyn Neff :

Proud Mary Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969

Angela Penny :


Susan Romen :

The Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 1965

Brigitte Eves :


Angela Carnon :

I Only Have Eyes for You The Flamingos 1959

Tami Moss :


Susan Brown :

(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock Bill Haley & the Comets 1954

Nancy Paul :


Dawn Matthews :

I'm Waiting for the Man The Velvet Underground 1967

Hannah Yelland :


Leisha Hailey :

Bring the Noise Public Enemy 1988

Juli Ashton :

161 I Can't Stop Loving You Ray Charles 1962

Patricia Millardet :


Nia Long :

Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O'Connor 1990

Mayara Magri :


Sandra Cassel :

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 1975

Ai Wan :


Emmanuelle Beart :

Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash 1956

Lisa Foster :

165 Fast Car Tracy Chapman 1988

Maryel Ferraud :


Crystal Bernard :

Lose Yourself Eminem 2002

Cathleen Raymond :


Katie Downes :

Let's Get It On Marvin Gaye 1973

Lee Armstrong :


Michele Maika :

Papa Was a Rollin' Stone The Temptations 1972

Tina Ruland :


Jacqueline Tavarez :

Losing My Religion R.E.M. 1991

Dominique Lorenz :


Anita Ekberg :

Both Sides Now Joni Mitchell 1969

Marga Herrera :


Ai Mei Wong :

Dancing Queen Abba 1976

Dawn Morgan :

172 Dream On Aerosmith 1973

Zuleikha Robinson :

173 God Save the Queen The Sex Pistols 1977

Sylvie Nordheim :


Verkina Flower :

Paint It, Black The Rolling Stones 1966

Mashiah Vaughn-Hulbert :


Noelle Balfour :

I Fought The Law Bobby Fuller Four 1966

Zia McCabe :


Isadora Edison :

Don't Worry Baby The Beach Boys 1964

Leticia Perdigon :


Antonia Lotito :

Free Fallin' Tom Petty 1989

Michele Brin :


Naomi Gaskin :

September Gurls Big Star 1974

Roxanne Bach :


Petra Kleinert :

Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division 1980

Joy Bang :


Laura Ramos :

Hey Ya! Outkast 2003

Tara Girard :

181 Green Onions Booker T. and the MG's 1962

Courtney Thorne-Smith :


Federica Tomassi :

Save the Last Dance for Me The Drifters 1960

Courteney Cox :


Emma Hipp :

The Thrill Is Gone B.B. King 1969

Tammy Morris :

184 Please Please Me The Beatles 1964

Traci Lords :


Linda Lovelace :

Desolation Row Bob Dylan 1965

Rossy de Palma :


Carmen Sevilla :

I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You) Aretha Franklin 1967

Lois Owens :

187 Back in Black AC/DC 1980

Francesca Dellera :


Marie Payen :

Who'll Stop the Rain Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970

Lana Antonova :


Loren De Palm :

Stayin' Alive The Bee Gees 1977

Mariana Valdez :


Alejandra Marin :

Knocking on Heaven's Door Bob Dylan 1973

Nina Gunnarsdottir :


Annabel Brooks :

Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd 1973

Julie Strain :


Ai Mei Wong :

Wichita Lineman Glen Campbell 1968

Jamie Barrett :


Lauren German :

There Goes My Baby The Drifters 1959

Jacqueline Ng :


Tina Shaw :

Peggy Sue Buddy Holly 1957

Charity Rahmer :

195 Maybe The Chantels 1957

Jessica Richter :


Rachel McAdams :

Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses 1987

Alejandra Marin :


Pam Grier :

Don't Be Cruel Elvis Presley 1956

Sabrina Siani :


Joanna Page :

Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix 1966

Anne Reid :


Tricia Lee Pascoe :

Flash Light Parliament 1977

Ilaria DElia :


Susanne Sutchy :

Loser Beck 1993

Eva Derrek :


Anja Beatrice Kaul :

Bizarre Love Triangle New Order 1986

Astrid Veillon :

202 Come Together The Beatles 1969

Saemi Nakamura :


Kim Vithana :

Positively 4th Street Bob Dylan 1965

Marie Barrientos :


Christina Cole :

Try a Little Tenderness Otis Redding 1966

Terri Swift :


Ali Larter :

Lean On Me Bill Withers 1972

Lee Ji-hyun :


Lorna Maitland :

Reach Out, I'll Be There The Four Tops 1966

Shawn Carla :


Alicia Loren :

Bye Bye Love The Everly Brothers 1957

Heidi Kozak :

208 Gloria Them 1965

Justine Clarke :


Tracy Waterhouse :

In My Room The Beach Boys 1963

Marika Dominczyk :

210 96 Tears ? & the Mysterians 1966

Sandra Guibord :


Rebekah Alfred :

Caroline, No The Beach Boys 1966

Jadra Holly :


Reagan Gomez-Preston :

1999 Prince 1982

Sydney Jordan :


Amy Adams :

Your Cheatin' Heart Hank Williams 1953

Paula Patterson :


Nikki Schieler Ziering :

Rockin' in the Free World Neil Young 1989

Laura Sadler :

215 Sh-Boom The Chords 1954

Rae Dawn Chong :


Alice Davis :

Do You Believe in Magic The Lovin' Spoonful 1965

Sasha Montenegro :


Amy Adams :

Jolene Dolly Parton 1974

Ai Mei Wong :


Keyla Wood :

Boom Boom John Lee Hooker 1962

Janine Turner :


Jane Horrocks :

Spoonful Howlin' Wolf 1960

Ulla Renneke :


Vanessa Williams :

Walk Away Renee The Left Banke 1966

Kelli Williams :


Luisa Ranieri :

Walk on the Wild Side Lou Reed 1972

Lia Beldam :


Kristina Louise Apgar :

Oh, Pretty Woman Roy Orbison 1964

Katie Caple :


Emily Lloyd :

Dance to the Music Sly & the Family Stone 1968

Brandi Sherwood :


Kate Levering :

Good Times Chic 1979

Christine Boisson :


Cecelia Simon :

Hoochie Coochie Man Muddy Waters 1954

Melissa Behr :


Clare Higgins :

Moondance Van Morrison 1970

Sara Lezana :


Jessica Osfar :

Fire and Rain James Taylor 1970

Jane Adams :


Vittoria Belvedere :

Should I Stay or Should I Go The Clash 1982

Patsy Kensit :


Judith Richter :

Mannish Boy Muddy Waters 1955

Cassandra Grae :


Marie Guillard :

Just Like a Woman Bob Dylan 1966

Saskia Mulder :


Sandrine Thoquet :

Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye 1982

Jenya Lano :


Nancy Aniston :

Only the Lonely Roy Orbison 1960

Kimberly Page :


Nicole Sassaman :

We Gotta Get Out of This Place The Animals 1965

Emmanuelle Beart :


Hazel Ann Crawford :

I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better The Byrds 1965

Serena Williams :

235 I Got a Woman Ray Charles 1954

Christine Noonan :


Corinne Dacla :

Everyday Buddy Holly 1957

Sheridan Smith :


Hemma Clementi :

Planet Rock Afrika Bambaataa 1982

Angeles Lopez Barea :


Jessica Allegra :

I Fall to Pieces Patsy Cline 1961

Gina Garcia :


Emily Bergl :

The Wanderer Dion 1961

Anick Lemay :


Frankie Park :

Son of a Preacher Man Dusty Springfield 1968

Isabelle Bouchemaa :


Guinevere Turner :

Stand! Sly & the Family Stone 1969

Rosamund Pike :


Amy Adams :

Rocket Man Elton John 1972

Teresa Langley :


Ilona Elkin :

Love Shack The B-52's 1989

Anne-Marie Provencher :


Olalla Moreno :

Gimme Some Lovin' The Spencer Davis Group 1966

Wendy Schumacher :


Linda Kenton :

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down The Band 1969

Nathalie Cardone :


Monica Gayle :

(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher Jackie Wilson 1967

Blythe Danner :


Minh-Khai Phan-Thi :

Hot Fun in the Summertime Sly & the Family Stone 1969

Katharina Meinecke :

248 Rappers Delight The Sugarhill Gang 1979

Claire Oberman :


Mercy Lopez :

Chain of Fools Aretha Franklin 1967

Stefanie Frischeis :


Chasey Lain :

Paranoid Black Sabbath 1970

Rita Magdalena :


Jessica Steen :

Mack the Knife Bobby Darin 1959

Joanna Pacula :

252 Money Honey The Drifters 1953

Charlene Tilton :


Marilina Ross :

All the Young Dudes Mott the Hoople 1972

Kareen Bourjade :

254 Highway to Hell AC/DC 1979

Kate Lyra :


Tiffany Stewart :

Heart of Glass Blondie 1978

Christiane Schmidtmer :

256 Paranoid Android Radiohead 1997

Kim Wade :


Kim-Young Soon :

Wild Thing The Troggs 1966

Lauren German :


Nita Nichols :

I Can See for Miles The Who 1967

Dina Meyer :


Faan Yeung :

Hallelujah Jeff Buckley 1994

Maria Probosz :


Patsy Kensit :

Oh, What a Night The Dells 1969

Amelie Heinen :


Tara Strohmeier :

Higher Ground Stevie Wonder 1973

Andrea Ludke :


Tina Turner :

Ooo Baby Baby Smokey Robinson 1965

Zoe Nonn :

263 He's a Rebel The Crystals 1962

Alexandra Wentworth :


Lauren German :

Sail Away Randy Newman 1972

Sigrid Alegria :

265 Tighten Up Archie Bell & the Drells 1968

Tia Texada :

266 Walking in the Rain The Ronettes 1964

Priscilla Rozenbaum :


Ashley Judd :

Personality Crisis New York Dolls 1973

Shirley Benny :


Vendela Kirsebom :

Sunday Bloody Sunday U2 1983

Alejandra Marin :


Patricia Perez :

Roadrunner The Modern Lovers 1976

Lucille Aurel :


Claire Borotra :

He Stopped Loving Her Today George Jones 1980

Bik Wing Chung :


Corinne Barrois :

Sloop John B The Beach Boys 1966

Pascale Christophe :


Kim Frank :

Sweet Little Sixteen Chuck Berry 1958

Callie Thorne :

273 Something The Beatles 1969

Shireen Crutchfield :


Erin Chandler :

Somebody to Love Jefferson Airplane 1967

Yan Nam :


Cindy Campbell :

Born in the U.S.A. Bruce Springsteen 1984

Sasha Hails :


Sally Cooper :

I'll Take You There The Staple Singers 1972

Michelle Lintel :


Pia Zemljic :

Ziggy Stardust David Bowie 1972

Marina Kalogirou :


Kitty de Hoyos :

Pictures of You The Cure 1989

Lily McLachlen :

279 Chapel of Love The Dixie Cups 1964

Rosana Pastor :


Esse Lawson :

Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers 1971

Ruth Millar :


Lauren German :

You Are the Sunshine of My Life Stevie Wonder 1972

Kristieanne Travers :


Marie-France Henry :

Help Me Joni Mitchell 1974

Yolanda Jilot :


Anne-Marie Provencher :

Call Me Blondie 1980

Sean Young :

284 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding Elvis Costello 1979

Bridget White :


Elfi Eschke :

Smoke Stack Lightning Howlin' Wolf 1956

Aleksandra Kaniak :

286 Summer Babe Pavement 1992

Katy Boyer :


Irene Zitser :

Walk This Way Run-D.M.C. 1986

Axelle Grelet :


Toyah Willcox :

Money (That's What I Want) Barrett Strong 1960

Gaby Fuchs :

289 Can't Buy Me Love The Beatles 1964

Juliette Wiatr :


Nikki Griffin :

Stan Eminem 2000

Jacqueline Tavarez :

291 She's Not There The Zombies 1964

Flo Gerrish :


Luisa-Soi Kaiser :

Train in Vain The Clash 1979

Christiane Henschel :


Brooke Langton :

Tired of Being Alone Al Green 1971

Catalina Guerra :

294 Black Dog Led Zeppelin 1971

Petra Schmidt-Schaller :


Irene Visedo :

Street Fighting Man The Rolling Stones 1968

Beverly Lynne :


Amanda Redman :

Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley 1975

Rachel Steiner :


Annie Lambert :

Heart of Gold Neil Young 1972

Clara Rainbow :


Lois Robbins :

One Way or Another Blondie 1978

Suzanna Love :


Aimee Mullins :

Sign O' the Times Prince 1987

Marika Mindzenthy :

300 Like a Prayer Madonna 1989

Jenne :


Pauline Moran :

Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? Rod Stewart 1978

Dorothy Le May :


Clara Rainbow :

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Willie Nelson 1975

Keyla Wood :


Toni Lynn :

Ruby Tuesday The Rolling Stones 1967

Alex Kingston :

304 With a Little Help From My Friends The Beatles 1967

Tina Wiseman :


Christine Boisson :

Say It Loud -- I'm Black and I'm Proud James Brown 1968

Florence Henderson :


Bik Wing Chung :

That's Entertainment The Jam 1980

Joan Goodfellow :


Starr :

Why Do Fools Fall in Love Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers 1956

Marie-Christine Rousseau :

308 Lonely Teardrops Jackie Wilson 1958

Colleen Cooper :


Anahit Minasyan :

What's Love Got To Do With It Tina Turner 1984

Betsy Gardner :


Corinna Kirchhoff :

Iron Man Black Sabbath 1971

Xuxa Meneghel :


Dani Marco :

Wake Up Little Susie The Everly Brothers 1957

Kathy Shower :


Gianna Rains :

In Dreams Roy Orbison 1963

Maye Tongco :


Karen Miers :

I Put a Spell on You Screamin' Jay Hawkins 1956

Josephine Byrnes :


kd lang :

Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd 1979

Sienna Guillory :


Jessica Cauffiel :

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Animals 1965

Rachel Sterling :


Dora Elsa Olea :

Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 1975

Alicia Rio :


Kim Matulova :

Many Rivers to Cross Jimmy Cliff 1969

Cecilie Thomsen :

318 Alison Elvis Costello 1977

Irma Serrano :


Jana Oujeska :

School's Out Alice Cooper 1972

Agnes Bruckner :

320 Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin 1969

Silvia Espigado :


Monique Lepage :

Cortez the Killer Neil Young 1975

Samantha Eggar :


Rachel McLish :

Fight the Power Public Enemy 1989

Carroll Baker :


Alice Davis :

Dancing Barefoot Patti Smith 1979

Elba Escobar :


Meghan Stansfield :

Baby Love Diana Ross 1964

Anne Parillaud :


Diane Pedersen :

Good Lovin' The Rascals 1966

Corey Chang :


Catherine Burns :

Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine James Brown 1970

Jackie Gayda :


Christine Boisson :

For Your Precious Love Jerry Butler 1958

Karen Valentine :


Ramona Drews :

The End The Doors 1967

Lisa Boyle :


Lindsay Freeman :

That's The Way of the World Earth, Wind & Fire 1975

Alejandra Marin :


Karen Stone :

We Will Rock You Queen 1977

Tracy Douglas :


Ana Gabriel :

I Can't Make You Love Me Bonnie Raitt 1991

Ruth Rieser :


Kim Frank :

Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan 1965

Kim Adams :

333 Spirit in the Sky Norman Greenbaum 1970

Marina Giordana :


Lauren C Mayhew :

Wild Horses The Rolling Stones 1971

Katharina Eckerfeld :


Pilar Lopez de Ayala :

Sweet Jane The Velvet Underground 1970

Gina Morett :


Claudine Delvaux :

Walk This Way Aerosmith 1976

Astrid Veillon :


Tricia Yen :

Beat It Michael Jackson 1982

Adrienne Pearce :

338 Maybe I'm Amazed Paul McCartney 1970

Nancy Brilli :


Aya Medel :

You Keep Me Hangin' On Diana Ross 1966

Heather Morgan :


Myu Watase :

Baba O'Riley The Who 1971

Charlotte Lewis :


Lisa Petruno :

The Harder They Come Jimmy Cliff 1975

Francesca Ciardi :


Malinda Williams :

Runaround Sue Dion 1961

Maya Tai Dorsey :

343 Jim Dandy Lavern Baker 1956

Jessica Richter :


Trinita Turner :

Piece of My Heart Janis Joplin 1968

Isabelle Joly :

345 La Bamba Ritchie Valens 1958

Jeannine Riley :


Marie Louise :

California Love Tupac Shakur 1996

Beatriz Rico :


Ingrid Rouif :

Candle in the Wind Elton John 1973

Judith El Zein :


Katia Tchenko :

That Lady (Part 1 and 2) The Isley Brothers 1973

Tanja Potocnik :

349 Spanish Harlem Ben E. King 1960

Zoe Hendry :

350 The Loco-Motion Little Eva 1962

Shaila Vaidya :


Claudia Gravy :

The Great Pretender The Platters 1955

Stephanie Sinclair :


Harriet Walter :

All Shook Up Elvis Presley 1957

Assumpta Serna :


Tonie Perensky :

Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton 1992

Alejandra Marin :

354 Watching the Detectives Elvis Costello 1977

Maria Socas :


Paola Tedesco :

Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969

Julia Foster :


Terry Liu :

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Eurythmics 1983

Keyla Wood :


Paloma Picasso :

Little Wing Jimi Hendrix 1968

Shay Astar :


Tressa DiFiglia :

Nowhere to Run Martha and the Vandellas 1965

Susanne Sache :


Harriet Bagnall :

Got My Mojo Working Muddy Waters 1957

Lynsey Bartilson :


Andrea Cagan :

Killing Me Softly With His Song Roberta Flack 1973

Joanne Woodward :


Eva Derrek :

Complete Control The Clash 1979

Tammy Lynn Michaels :

362 All You Need Is Love The Beatles 1967

Piper Cochrane :


Lilli Carati :

The Letter The Box Tops 1967

Bonnie Hunt :


Alejandra Marin :

Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan 1965

Gorel Crona :


Laura Burkett :

Unchained Melody The Righteous Brothers 1965

Ami Dolenz :


Min-seo Chae :

How Deep is Your Love The Bee Gees 1977

Chiho Terada :


Clio Goldsmith :

White Room Cream 1968

Lynn Monteil :


Rachel Veltri :

Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 1989

Yvette Faulkner :


Friederike Kempter :

I'm a Man Bo Diddley 1955

Iris Albanti :


Sabine Sinjen :

The Wind Cries Mary Jimi Hendrix 1967

Brigitte Rouan :


Michelle Holmes :

I Can't Explain The Who 1965

Dominique Frot :


Monique De Anna :

Marquee Moon Television 1977

Judith Baldwin :


Misa Shimizu :

Wonderful World Sam Cooke 1960

Elisabeth Lund :


Stacy Burke :

Brown Eyed Handsome Man Chuck Berry 1956

Michelle Zeitlin :


Kennedy Johnston :

Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 Pink Floyd 1979

Arian Waring Ash :

376 Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead 1995

Judith-Marie Bergan :

377 Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles 1961

Ramata Koite :


Julia Parton :

Pride (In the Name of Love) U2 1984

Jennifer JJ Wilder :


Rosanna Arquette :

Radio Free Europe R.E.M. 1983

Angel Ray :


Kim Onasch :

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John 1973

Kate Hudson :


Aida Gomez :

Tell It Like It Is Aaron Neville 1966

Anne Goldmann :


Anne Tihomiroff :

Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 1997

Corinne Dacla :


Stephanie Waring :

Whipping Post The Allman Brothers Band 1969

Tracy Tweed :

384 Ticket to Ride The Beatles 1965

Raffaella Ponzo :


Alexandra Gilbreath :

Ohio Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 1970

Nikki Schieler Ziering :


Asami Jo :

I Know You Got Soul Eric B and Rakim 1987

Precious Chong :


Anne Hathaway :

Tiny Dancer Elton John 1971

Elisa Donovan :


Veronica Roberts :

Roxanne The Police 1979

Nelia Cozzer :


Annette OToole :

Just My Imagination The Temptations 1971

Joanne Kelly :


Carol Hoyt :

Baby I Need Your Loving The Four Tops 1964

Carla Harvey :

391 Band of Gold Freda Payne 1970

Terry Gibson :


Kelly Ruthe :

O-o-h Child The Five Stairsteps 1970

Sheila Ruskin :


Becky Boxer :

Summer in the City The Lovin' Spoonful 1966

Aysia Lee :


Isabelle Adjani :

Can't Help Falling In Love Elvis Presley 1961

Anne Kehler :


Elizabeth Burr :

Remember (Walkin' in The Sand) The Shangri-Las 1964

Christine De Shaffer :


Jadine Wong :

Thirteen Big Star 1972

Anneliza Scott :


France Zobda :

(Don't Fear) the Reaper Blue Oyster Cult 1976

Linda Cropper :


Marianne Morris :

Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd 1974

Dorota Kaminska :

399 Enter Sandman Metallica 1991

Valerie Buhagiar :


Courteney Cox :

Kicks Paul Revere & the Raiders 1966

Chingmy Yau :

401 Tonight's the Night The Shirelles 1960

Ramona Midgett :


Jayne Mansfield :

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) Sly & the Family Stone 1970

Barbara Kottmeier :

403 C'mon Everybody Eddie Cochran 1958

Juliette Cummins :


Irene Wan :

Visions of Johanna Bob Dylan 1966

Marisa Tomei :


Femke Lakerveld :

We've Only Just Begun The Carpenters 1970

Pilar Castel :


Janet Margolin :

I Believe I Can Fly R. Kelly 1996

Corinne Dacla :


Mary Kapper :

In Bloom Nirvana 1991

Francesca Guillen :


Wendy Fowler :

Sweet Emotion Aerosmith 1975

Emmanuelle Beart :


Lisbeth Zachrisson :

Crossroads Cream 1968

Sophie Rogall :


Tamara Dobson :

Monkey Gone to Heaven Pixies 1989

Kimberley Kates :


Jill Jacobson :

I Feel Love Donna Summer 1977

Danielle Nicholls :

412 Ode to Billie Joe Bobbie Gentry 1967

Anne Randall :


Cary La Salle :

The Girl Can't Help It Little Richard 1957

Mimi Lazo :

414 Young Blood The Coasters 1957

Jamie Brown :


Menh-Wai Trinh :

I Can't Help Myself The Four Tops 1965

Jennifer Schwalbach Smith :

416 The Boys of Summer Don Henley 1984

Muriel Baumeister :

417 Fuck tha Police N.W.A. 1989

Polly Niles :


Da Brat :

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young 1969

Sonja Savic :

419 Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang Dr. Dre 1993

Marianne McIsaac :


Leslie Ann Phillips :

It's Your Thing The Isley Brothers 1969

Samara Ibanez :


Rachel Weisz :

Piano Man Billy Joel 1973

Gina Wild :


Vida Taylor :

Lola The Kinks 1970

Vicki Michelle :


Cheryl Bachman :

Blue Suede Shoes Elvis Presley 1956

Shannan Leigh :


Zora Holt :

Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones 1972

Nikolina Kujaca :

425 William, It Was Really Nothing The Smiths 1984

Dana Maiello :


Deborah Harry :

Smoke on the Water Deep Purple 1973

Rose Jackson :


Charlotte Rampling :

New Year's Day U2 1983

Katie Blake :

428 Devil With a Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels 1966

Lucia Lexington :


Denise Du Vall :

Everybody Needs Somebody to Love Solomon Burke 1964

Olivia Saint :


Barbara Probst :

White Man in Hammersmith Palais The Clash 1979

Olivia Williams :


Emmanuelle Beart :

Ain't It a Shame Fats Domino 1955

Wolke Hegenbarth :


Danai Skiadi :

Midnight Train to Georgia Gladys Knight 1973

Kathryn Witt :

433 Ramble On Led Zeppelin 1969

Gianna Patton :


Sydney A Blake :

Mustang Sally Wilson Pickett 1966

Vlatka Simac :


Kristin Proctor :

Beast of Burden The Rolling Stones 1978

Trisha Todd :


Susan Hemingway :

Alone Again Or Love 1968

Bik Wing Chung :


Katharina Bohm :

Love Me Tender Elvis Presley 1956

Patricia Haines :


Amy Adams :

I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges 1969

Carla Harvey :


Harley Jane Kozak :

Pink Houses John Mellencamp 1983

Gabriella Harding :


Robyn Palmer :

Push It Salt-n-Pepa 1987

Cinthia Moura :


Beverly Lynne :

Come Go With Me The Del-Vikings 1957

Carla White :


Amparo Soler Leal :

Keep a Knockin' Little Richard 1957

Moe Ishikawa :


Savina Gersak :

I Shot the Sheriff Bob Marley 1973

Cindy OCallaghan :


Sharon Clark :

I Got You Babe Sonny and Cher 1965

Anna Bache-Wiig :


Veronica Russell :

Come As You Are Nirvana 1991

Wendy Mahoney :


Melissa Bacelar :

Pressure Drop Toots and the Maytals 1973

Mirren Delaney :


Inka Friedrich :

Leader of the Pack The Shangri-Las 1964

Christiane Rucker :


Linda Blair :

Heroin The Velvet Underground 1967

Nicole Specht :

449 Penny Lane The Beatles 1967

Reda Wyatt :


Laetitia Chardonnet :

By the Time I Get to Phoenix Glen Campbell 1967

Hayley Keenan :

451 The Twist Chubby Checker 1960

Amy Adams :


Patch Mackenzie :

Cupid Sam Cooke 1961

Jill Damas :


Daniela Nane :

Paradise City Guns N' Roses 1987

Holly Valance :

454 My Sweet Lord George Harrison 1970

Berta Cabre :


Fabienne Chaudat :

All Apologies Nirvana 1993

Isabelle Strawa :


Joey Lauren Adams :

Stagger Lee Lloyd Price 1958

Finja Martens :


Crystal Lowe :

Sheena Is a Punk Rocker The Ramones 1977

Verona Feldbusch :


Shanna McCullough :

Soul Man Sam and Dave 1967

Genevieve Brouillette :


Lindsey Amodeo :

Rollin' Stone Muddy Waters 1948

Loretta Swit :

460 One Fine Day The Chiffons 1963

Miriam von Versen :


Marijam Agischewa :

Kiss Prince 1986

Lola Duenas :


Sandra Reinton :

Respect Yourself The Staple Singers 1971

Julie Always :

463 Rain The Beatles 1966

Cindy Shelley :


Olivia Williams :

Standing in the Shadows of Love The Four Tops 1966

Jessica Karr :


Marianne Dupont :

Surrender Cheap Trick 1978

Alicia Witt :


Danitza Kingsley :

Runaway Del Shannon 1961

Razel Wolf :


Shannon McLeod :

Welcome to the Jungle Guns N' Roses 1987

Birgit Bergen :


Serena Gordon :

Search and Destroy The Stooges 1973

Lauren B Martin :


Aline Kassman :

It's Too Late Carole King 1970

Danielle Harris :


Txe Arana :

Free Man in Paris Joni Mitchell 1974

Alexis Summerfield :


Patty Duffek :

On the Road Again Willie Nelson 1980

Roma Downey :


Adele Fatima :

Where Did Our Love Go Diana Ross 1964

Bianca Smith :


Jane Horrocks :

Do Right Woman -- Do Right Man Aretha Franklin 1967

Angel Boris :

474 One Nation Under a Groove -- Part 1 Funkadelic 1978

Eve Robin :


Joanna Shimkus :

Sabotage Beastie Boys 1994

Sibylle Canonica :


Jill Clayburgh :

I Want to Know What Love Is Foreigner 1984

Sanaa Lathan :


Amy Adams :

Super Freak Rick James 1981

Sonia Zembourou :


Fabiola Barrios :

White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane 1967

Lisa Wilhoit :


Kay Mills :

Lady Marmalade Labelle 1975

Zette Sullivan :


Bettina Redlich :

Into the Mystic Van Morrison 1970

Holly Valance :


Jill Jacobson :

Young Americans David Bowie 1975

Jana Thompson :


Linda Dona :

I'm Eighteen Alice Cooper 1971

Nathalie Dorval :


Eva Harling :

Just Like Heaven The Cure 1987

Tracy Spaulding :

484 I Love Rock 'N Roll Joan Jett 1982

Eva Czemerys :


Emily Lloyd :

Graceland Paul Simon 1986

Annie McEnroe :


Djamila Rowe :

How Soon Is Now? The Smiths 1985

Tea Leoni :

487 Under the Boardwalk The Drifters 1964

Suzanne Snyder :


Susannah Doyle :

Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac 1975

Jennifer Love Hewitt :


Janet Lynn :

I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor 1978

Natalie Avital :


Alejandra Marin :

Brown Sugar The Rolling Stones 1971

JoAnna Cameron :


Beyonce Knowles :

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me Dusty Springfield 1966

Adriana Asti :


Minako Ogawa :

Running On Empty Jackson Browne 1977

Avril Lavigne :

493 Then He Kissed Me The Crystals 1963

Desiree Marie Velez :


Lavinia Wilson :

Desperado The Eagles 1973

Johanna Gastdorf :


Friederike Kempter :

Shop Around Smokey Robinson 1960

Ambre Lake :


Christine Boisson :

Miss You The Rolling Stones 1978

April Hannah :


Nele Bauwens :

Buddy Holly Weezer 1994

Shari Eckert :

498 Rainy Night in Georgia Brook Benton 1970

Lucy Harrison :


Viktoria Chapman :

The Boys are Back in Town Thin Lizzy 1976

Emmanuelle Beart :


Lynn Lowry :

More Than a Feeling Boston

San Jose Newspaper

Jennifer Wolf :

What is a good Punk/ Rock band, how are they good and what do they sound like

Amber Brkich :

Green Day life chaniging music

Heather Stephens :

They sound like Barney the purple dinosaur.

Reyes Poveda :

my chemical romance...a bit like cursive and thurdsay

Linda Horn :

I've been really getting into this band called Reagan Youth. They're broken up now, but they were amazing. They are real punk rock, like a mix of Ramones and some newer punk bands like Suicide Machines or NOFX. You should definitely check them out:

Amanda Tapping :

Sharqui Sanders :

The Mars Volta!!!! Because they truely rock!

Lily Chung :

The Clash

Silvia Abascal :

The Sex Pistols

Clara Rainbow :

UK Subs

Eilidh Fraser :


Janaya Stephens :

sham 69

Katja Studt :

Drop Kick Murphy's

Simone Hanselmann :

the Business

Emily Procter :


Eva Derrek :

Operation Ivy

Alex Andrea :


Anne Grete Nissen :


Josine van Dalsum :


Keri Russell :

green day is pop punk trash

Camille Guaty :


Mitsou Gelinas :

Dead Kennedy's

Denise Perrier :

Dead Milkmen

Laure Raoust :


Clelia Sarto :

All-American Rejects, they're awesome

Julia Heinemann :

H.I.M. because they are an awesome band,their extremely punk and they sing love rock songs.they are awesome and i think you should really listen to them.

Raquel Gonzalez :

Get all the Clash and Ramones cd's you can find. Always go back to the beginning. The Sex Pistols couldn't play for beans. I remember when Sid Vicious died. Yes, I know, I'm old.

Christina Veronica :

Dead Kennedy's

Sasha Williams :

Black Flag

Mary Kay Place :

Killer Pussy

Alice Davis :

The Ramones

Patsy Kensit :

Billy Talent- punk rock, singer has a unique voice

Joanna Kerns :

The Explosion- punk rock

Isabel Schosnig :

Instigator- pure punk

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

The Unseen- old school and newer stuff

Valentina Cervi :

The Distillers- first awesome punk band with a girl singer

Teri Garr :

The Havoc- sounds a little like old-school punk

Clara Rainbow :

Lifetime- inspired many current bands today

Jennifer Ciesar :

The Loved Ones- punk that's a little more mellow

Isabelle Mergault :

The Misfits (duh)- classic.....

Kellie Waymire :

Stretch Arm Strong- similar to rise against

Best Affiliate Program

Marie Biasio :

Is there a song that you listen to over and over againIf so,what song and why

Miranda Otto :

Pop: Michelle Branch - Breathe

Sarah Matravers :

Rock: All AC/DC

Maria Bonnevie :

Metal: Metallica - Sad But True/Until It Sleeps

Clara Rainbow :

Seether - Remedy

Jule Ronstedt :

Alternative: Linkin Park - In The End

Michelle Forbes :

(good advice for relationships)

Rachael Leigh Cook :

black sabbath iron man....i dont know why i love it soooooo much

Sue Lloyd :

Duncan Sheik, Barely Breathing. It really relates to my situation.

Natascha Bub :

Evanence-my immortal i love it so much

Lorraine Spaughton :

Metallica "Nothing else matters"

Lucretia Love :

"Yeah" and "Caught up" by Usher because they both have a good beats to it.

Paprika Steen :

lil red riding hood - sam the sham. its sooo catchy

Peggy McIntaggart :

caught up in a dream by is a great song that talks about stuff that we should all think about

Mili Avital :

Everlast - What It's Like

Melissa Wolf :

Of course there are more, but this is the most recent one. It's just a kickass song.

Keyla Wood :

Feel Good Inc. - The Gorillas

Lynsey Bartilson :

Open Up by Korn. It really describes the way I feel. I am corrupted.

Joanne Warde :

Top 5 Best Songs!!

Jenevieve Frank :

1.)Pon De Replay - Rinhana

Claudia Harrison :

2.)Don't Cha - Pussi Cat Dolls

Corinne Dacla :

3.)Unwritten - Nathasta Beningfeld

Maria Harper :

4.)Jesus Take the Wheel - Carrie Underwood

Krista Birkner :

5.)Don't Phunk With my Heart - Black Eyed Peas

Ginger Lynn Allen :

Still Rainin' by Jonny Lang.

Alejandra Marin :

It's got a powerful piano back up, great, emotionally-charged lyrics, sung by an awesome, rhythm & blues vocalist.

Sound Blaster Audigy

Alessandra Ramos :

Can anyone tell me who recorded this song

Erika Remberg :

Dance Little Jean by John Denver

Virginia Loridans :

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Edie Dearing :

I bet that's the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Ciara OCallaghan :

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Dance Little Jean Lyrics

Kim Sun-Yong :

I played a wedding for the money,

Gail Grainger :

and I wished that I could tell the bride and groom

Sherri Stoner :

Just what I thought of marriage

Barbara Schoneberger :

And what's in store after their honeymoon.

Jesse Capelli :

and I was grumblin' to the dancers

Jennifer Burton :

'bout how men and women ought to live apart

Katya Santos :

And how a promise never made can not be broken

Nicolette Krebitz :

And can never break your heart

Angela Down :

When suddenly from out of nowhere,

Shannen Doherty :

A little girl came dancing 'cross the floor,

Melinda McGraw :

And all her crinolines were billowing

Joanna Frank :

Beneath the skirt of calico that she wore.

Anastasia Sakelaris :

Oh what a joy fell on the honored guests

Andrea True :

As each of them was drawn inside her dream,

Won Seo :

And they laughed and clapped and stomped their feet

Mirren Delaney :

And hollered at her "Dance little Jean"

Rossy de Palma :

Dance, little Jean, this day is for you,

Kaoru Higuchi :

Two people you love, stood up and said "I do"

Teresa DePriest :

Dance little Jean, the prayer that you had

Elise Richards :

Was answered today

Diane Pedersen :

Your mama's marrying your dad

Anahit Minasyan :

Well, my cynical heart just melted

Moe Ishikawa :

'Cause I knew what this get together meant

Kristi Somers :

How it ended year of tears and sad confusion

Elaine Paige :

That the little girl had spent.

Alex Brett :

Well they told the band to pack it up

Danielle Winnitz :

About the time the couple cut the cake,

Susan Romen :

But we played as long as they stayed

Samantha MacLachlan :

For love and laughs and little Jeanie's sake.

Carolyn Goff :

Dance, little Jean, this day is for you,

Cisse Cameron :

Two people you love, stood up and said "I do"

Aubrey Dollar :

Dance little Jean, the prayer that you had

Natalie Picoe :

Was answered today

Rachel Veltri :

Your mama's marrying your dad

Kristin Norton :

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Cher :

I played a wedding for the money,

Ulrike Butz :

And I wished that I could tell the bride and groom

Mam Smith :

Just what I thought of marriage

Jan Harvey :

And what?s in store after their honeymoon.

Lia Chang :

?Jean, honey, come here.? A familiar voiced called. Jean looked up and saw the face she knew so well. The tall man picked up the young girl, and placed her on his side. ?So what do you think, me and your mommy getting married?? He asked her.

Corinne Dacla :

?I love it. The man over there said it was a pray come true for me. For the people I love, grew up to say I do.? Jean told her father proudly.

Deirdre Nelson :

Her father gave an amused laughed and kissed her cheek. ?I love you Jean.?

Valeria Cavalli :

?I love you to Daddy. Daddy can I ask you a question?? Jean smiled.

Kandyse McClure :

?Of course you can my darling.? The tall man replied as the music started.

Gabriella Hamori :

?Why did you and Mama wait so long to get married. Didn?t you love each other when I was born?? The seven year old asked. Her father looked at her, with a look of surprise and wonder upon his face.

Christine Cavalier :

And I was grumblin? to the dancers

Emmanuelle Beart :

?bout how men and women ought to live apart

Lauren Graham :

And how a promise never made can not be broken

Yancy Butler :

And can never break your heart

Dawn Steele :

?Jean, I loved your mother very much, but when you were born, the time wasn?t right to get married. There we so many things happening, but now that everything settled down, I know its time to start out life together, as one big happy family.?

Cassandra Freeman :

?Daddy, thank you.? Jean smiled kissing her father on his cheek.

Natalia Worner :

?For what Jeanie??

Yumiko Katayama :

?Just being my daddy.? Jean smiled climbing down and skiping off down the room.

Lindsey Brooke :

When suddenly from out of nowhere,

Karen Gregory :

A little girl came dancing ?cross the floor,

Regula Grauwiller :

And all her crinolines were billowing

Jae-un Lee :

Beneath the skirt of calico that she wore.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite :

Oh what a joy fell on the honored guests

Natalia Millan :

As each of them was drawn inside her dream,

Michaela Bercu :

And they laughed and clapped and stomped their feet

Mayte Garcia :

And hollered at her dance little Jean

Alejandra Marin :

Everyone looked at the little girl skipping down the room. Dancing when she felt like it, the little girl was in heaven. That was for sure.

Dani Minnick :

Dance, little Jean, this day is for you,

Gina Morett :

Two people you love, stood up and said I do

Gwyneth Strong :

Dance little Jean, the prayer that you had

Cassie Courtland :

Was answered today

Aimee Lysak :

Your mama?s marrying your dad

Nikki Schieler Ziering :

The older man watched his daughter. She looked nothing like him, except for the bright blue eyes that he had. Jean was her mother?s daughter for sure.

Jasmine Byrne :

Well, my cynical heart just melted

Carla Harvey :

?cause I knew what this get together meant

Lucia Moniz :

How it ended year of tears and sad confusion

Marie Riva :

That the little girl had spent.

Karen Black :

Well they told the band to pack it up

Tricia Burns :

About the time the couple cut the cake,

Amanda Redman :

But we played as long as they stayed

Eden Rountree :

For love and laughs and little Jeanie?s sake.

Kelly Hu :

He watched Jean with awe. He never expected to be a father, and now that he was, he couldn?t imagine not being one. Her blonde curls were cluring at her shoulders and her smile was something everyone loved and cherished. Jean was a perfect child, to her parents, she was their angel. And they both thanked god every time they thought of her. Which was every second, of every day, she was their life, and this was the day where they would be one family. Not two, but one.

Tania Maro :

?Daddy its time!? Jean called running up to her father. Taking his hand, she lead him to the little alter that was covered in flowers.

Rhondda Findleton :

Dance, little Jean, this day is for you,

Karen King :

Two people you love, stood up and said I do

Kelly Brook :

Dance little Jean, the prayer that you had

Eva Vanicek :

Was answered today

Heike Faber :

Your mama?s marrying your dad

Adriana Vega :

I believe it was The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Delphine Forest :

There is the song "Dance little Jean" recorded by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and John Denver. However the lyrics go

Patsy Kensit :

"Dance little jean, this day is for you,

Judith DAleazzo :

Two people that you love stood up to say ?i do.?

Judy Geeson :

Dance little jean, the prayer that you had was answered today-

Chandra West :

Your momma?s marrying your dad

Suzanne Summers Diet

Anna Jimskaia :

Did jesus break his mother mary's hymen during birth coz she was a virgin impregnated by the holy ghost

Miriam Wagner :

Even thinking about this is blasphemy.

Nicholl Hiren :

She had a natural birth, so yes it would have been broken.

Lisa Saxton :

Jesus was born in a manger -- how he got there is a fun story for sure -- but there is no discussion of a vagina in these Bible passages.

Terry Donahoe :

You really must pay more attention!

Reiko Hayama :

You are seriously one disturbed individual to think up this question!!!!!

Kodi Kitchen :


Camilla Overbye Roos :


Lavinia Wilson :

Why do Christians have no trouble believing that Jesus "passed through the locked doors," yet have problem with the virgin birth?

Luisa de los Rios :

The Church teaches that Mary was a virgin before conception, during conception and after giving birth.

Jessica Harper :


Ellen Michaels :

fwckin' barbarian. now what???... do you want to know if he made mistakes??? fwckin' barbarian

Susan Sennett :

I would say so. Ouch!!!

Whitney Weston :

Good question! I think that it would have been broken to let the water out when her water broke.

Tina Krause :

Unless, of course, the Stork brought him.

Tomoyo Shinomiya :

No ,he was a caesarian birth.

Serena :

But he broke his grandmother's heart when she found out her little Mary wasn't really a"good girl" anymore.

Lissa Layng :

The holy ghost was just a name used on the birth certificate so they could claim maternity expenses back from social security.

Rosie Fellner :

u have issues................

Phoebe Nicholls :

if u just need attention buddy,the least u can do is ask for it.................................................the basic underlying thing is that u need to believe that there is god!the rest is all man's interpretation... and good for u if u work towards it!

Rebecca Atkinson :

uncalled for

Jennifer Ryan :

you want someone asking that about your mom

Alejandra Marin :

hebrew meaning of virgin is an unmarried woman, so don't be rude.

Linda Davidson :

If even thinking abou tthat is indeed blasphemy, then I just wanted to thank you. I am trying to invent new blashemous thoughts each day and this really helped. To answer your question: I think he took it with him on his way out, then translated Hymen to Amen.

Tracy Kelly :

check and she had 3 children after

Anne von Keller :

Since the whole thing was orchestrated by God Almighty to get His Son into the world, don't you think He's quite capable of seeing to it that Mary remained a lifelong virgin?

Nina Agusti :

And to the answerer who said that the Hebrew word for virgin just means "unmarried woman". Think for a second. Any society which puts a premium on a female's untouched state, is NOT going to think of unwed as anything BUT virgin. Hmmmmph!

Juliet Mills :

Good one!! I guess your right.

Michelle Smith :

U stupid phukwit!! Im sure you are a non-believerto come out with such blasphemy! *news flash* get a life moron!!

Jenteal :

Good job i'm not muslim or i'd be terroizing you for that kind of statement!!

Angela Gots :

I guess you think this is funny but it only shows contempt and stupidity.

Sue Roderick :

Why don't you read and STUDY the Bible?

Kyra Sedgwick :

Mary (peace be upon her) give birth to "Jesus" natually as any woman. Mary was not impregnated by the "Holy Ghost" but by God's word "be" and "he was". God could have created "Jesus" without a parent, but God's wants to remind us that Jesus is not a god nor a sired son of God. But anonymous writers' and Paul's innovations made you and others think that way of Jesus and Mary and made you as well as others in doubt about them.

Laura Tovar :

no he didn't it was a holy birth he didn't break her hymen n she is always a virgin

Marisa Miller :

Believe it

Heike Faber :

I couldn't stop laughing at Alwyn's response. I don't believe in the bible I think it's like any other book written by man. So umm would I believe in a such thing as the Virgin Mary no. Not before or after. The hymen.

Josie Bell :

The muslims and christians here don't just say thinking this is blasphemy. I think what they are trying to say is thinking at all is blasphemy. You should be blind and dumb or you will be threatened for asking any reasonable questions.

Jenna Elfman :

Yes, the bible is a "Holey" book. Lots of holes in their theory. Even if one believes for a second she got pregnant being a virgin, surely one cannot pass a whole child being a virgin.

Amigo Dvd Ripper

Alicia Encinas :

How can I find all series of consecutive integers whose sum is a given value x

Nicole Garza :

You will be given a series by which you will devise an equation and then solve it Algebrically.

Natalie Jain :

if x is odd, (x-1)/2 and (x+1)/2 will be 2 successive integers. eg x = 11 AND 5 and 6 is an answer

Natacha Koutchoumov :

if x is odd, and divisble by 3, (x/3)-1 and (x/3) and (x/3)+1 will be 3 successive integers. eg x = 21 AND 6 and 7 and 8 is an answer, as is 10 and 11. But so is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as 21 is divisible by 7

Aurora de Alba :

if x is odd, there is no string of 4 successive integers that can add up to x as 2 of them are even and the sum of the 2 odd numbers is even, too. eg x = 13 AND 2, 3, 4 and 5 is 14.

Melinda Armstrong :

Similarly there is no string of 8 successive integers that can add up to x as 4 of them are even and the sum of the 4 odd numbers is even, too. Similalry for strings of 12, 16, 20 numbers etc

Leila Frechet :

if x is odd, and divisble by 5, (x/5)-2, (x/5)-1, (x/5), (x/5)+1 and (x/5)+2 will be 5 successive integers. eg x = 15 AND 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is an is 4, 5, 6 as is 7, 8.

Tricia Yen :

if x is odd, and x+3 is divisble by 6, [(x+3)/6]-3, [(x+3)/6]-2, [(x+3)/6]-1, [(x+3)/6], [(x+3)/6]+1, and [(x+3)/6]+2, will be 6 successive integers. eg x = 21 and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 is an answer. as is 10, 11 as is 6, 7, 8.

Cathy Tyson :

The sum beginning with 1 and ending with n can be found by solving in n the equation:

Emiko Ishizuka :


Heidi Kappler :

It is easy to see that if an integer solution n exists it is given by

Vanessa Minnillo :


Fiona Fullerton :

Ex: Sqrt(2*55)=10.488

Alicia Encinas :

so, for X=55 take n=10 and verify by

Stefania Rocca :

the formula n(n+1)/2=X

Christine Boisson :

More generally, if you look for ALL the series of consecutive integers summing up to X, you want to write

Candy :

X=A+(A+1)+(A+2)+.. (A+n)

Mindy Clarke :

Then look for the sequence:

Morena Corwin :

A(n)= X/n - (n-1)/2

Marta Dualde :

for n=1,2,3... and the greatest n to try is N=[Sqrt(2X)].

Janet Suzman :

IF A(k) IS INTEGER then you have the k-terms sum starting with A(k).

Pamela Segall :

This gives an easy program to write down.

Seana Arthur :

Example: X=55

Karo Guthke :


Jeannine Taylor :

55=9+10+11+12+13 (n=5 terms)

Lin Tucci :

55=1+2+..+9+10 (n=10 terms)

Ai Mei Wong :


Annie Ross :


Valerie Sibilia :


Katie Nauta :


Cordelia Gonzalez :

Let there be k consecutive integers a, a + 1, ..., a + (k-1) the sum of which is x. But the sum is ak + k(k-1)/2. So you need to find the solutions in integers to 2x = 2ak + k(k - 1) = k(2a + k - 1). So try plugging in the positive divisors of 2x for k and see if the resulting a is an integer (good) or an "integer.5" (bad).

Jennifer Babtist :

For example, if x = 60, then 2x = 120, and so you try k = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 30, 60, 120. The corresponding values of a are 60, 29.5, 19, 13.5, 10, 7.5, 4, 1.5, -0.5, -3, -6.5, -9, -12.5, -28.5, -59

Marianne McIsaac :

So 60 = 60 = 19 + 20 + 21 = 10 + 11 + 12 + 13 + 14 = 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 = -3 + -2 + -1 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 = -9 + -8 + ... + 14 = -59 + -58 + ... + 60 with 1, 3, 5, 8, 15, 24, 120 consecutive integers respectively.

Sugar Maple Tree

Betty Karolinsky :

Do you know this song and who sings it

Malin Fischer :

Artist : OAR

Amy Jo Johnson :

Title : Love And Memories

Elizabeth Halsey :

Album : N/A

Susan Penhaligon :

Genre : Modern Rock

Debora Cali :

Lovely, you're always lovely

Keyla Wood :

A vision

Lana Kinnear :

You were the one

Cora Frost :

Now I am stuck inside a memory

Elodie Yung :

You forgot about our destiny

Concha Valero :

You buried me

Karin Gotz :

Didn't you?

Caroline Lecoyer :

Didn't you?

Linda Cochran :

Love me faster than the devil

Shauna OBrien :

Run me straight into the ground

Yan Nam :

Drowning deep inside your water

Gina Lollobrigida :

Drowning deep inside your sound

Yumiko Katayama :

You're always floating

Martha Smith :

A vapor

Joey DuPrez :

That I couldn't see

Alessandra Ramos :

Here I am stuck inside a yesterday

Sharon Kane :

Everything has given way

Michele Norris :

You fell from me

Dawnya Welsh :

Didn't you?

Viktoria Chapman :

Didn't you?

Annalise Braakensiek :

Love me faster than the devil

Marilyn Lightstone :

Run me straight into the ground

Irene Zitser :

Drowning deep inside your water

Jane Garret :

Drowning deep inside your sound

Susan Bayliss :

Love me faster than the devil

Sophie Rogall :

Run me straight into the ground

Keyla Wood :

Drowning deep inside your water

Kora Reed :

Drown in love and memories

Stacy Rossman :

Maybe I am a crowded mind

Cindy Williams :

I watch your eyes glaze over

Candice Argall :

Stared down at the floor

Monica Walters :

You were amazing to me

Lilyan McBride :

I was amazing to you

Barbara Williams :

But here we go again

Lila Baumann :

Didn't you

Basia Antos :

Love me faster than the devil

Eva Derrek :

Run me straight into the ground

Kristin Norton :

Drowning deep inside your water

Loriele New :

Drowning deep inside your sound

Yan Nam :

Love me faster than the devil

Jenna Elfman :

Run me straight into the ground

Alejandra Marin :

Drowning deep inside your water

Bik Wing Chung :

Drown in love and memories

Claudia Vega :

ditto to what angel said

Nora Tschirner :

Lovely, you're always lovely

Antoinette Christiani :

A vision

Zenebech Tadesse :

You were the one

Emma Rice :

Now I am stuck inside a memory

Emmanuelle Beart :

You forgot about our destiny

Maria Vogt :

You buried me

Carol Schnider :

Didn't you?

Emmanuelle Beart :

Didn't you?

Jenny Seagrove :

Love me faster than the devil

Marie Vialle :

Run me straight into the ground

Gigi Perez :

Drowning deep inside your water

Kelly Hu :

Drowning deep inside your sound

Nadine Neumann :

You're always floating

Emilia Crow :

A vapor

Rachael Blake :

That I couldn't see

Esther Seibt :

Here I am stuck inside a yesterday

Birke Tan :

Everything has given way

Amy Adams :

You fell from me

Julie Debazac :

Didn't you?

Marie Gili-Pierre :

Didn't you?

Valerie Stroh :

Love me faster than the devil

Marlena MacGuire :

Run me straight into the ground

Maria del Mar :

Drowning deep inside your water

Alexia Moore :

Drowning deep inside your sound

Wally Ann Wharton :

Love me faster than the devil

Erin Fitzgerald :

Run me straight into the ground

Helli Louise :

Drowning deep inside your water

Salome Kammer :

Drown in love and memories

Brigid Conley Walsh :

Maybe I am a crowded mind

Annabella Sciorra :

I watch your eyes glaze over

Megan Follows :

Stared down at the floor

Pascale Montpetit :

You were amazing to me

Gilly Grant :

I was amazing to you

Helene Foubert :

But here we go again

Ai Mei Wong :

Didn't you

Bigi Fischer :

Love me faster than the devil

Gigi La Touche :

Run me straight into the ground

Alba Valeria :

Drowning deep inside your water

Hayley Man :

Drowning deep inside your sound

Beth Tegarden :

Love me faster than the devil

Glynnis OConnor :

Run me straight into the ground

Melissa Sagemiller :

Drowning deep inside your water

Peri Gilpin :

Drown in love and memories

Marielle De Palma :

Sung by: OAR

Yan Nam :

Love And Memories; by, OAR

Italian Job Movie

Czarina Polman :

what is the difference between weathering and erosion

Anemon Gehann :

Mmmm they appear to be synonyms checked in dictionary.

Beth Bates :

Erosion -wheathering by wind water and ice

Joey Heatherton :


Laurel Munson :

erosion is a smaller term. weathering is any sort of wearing away, erosion is by only water and ice and wind

Julie Strain :

Weathering is the bigger term. Erosion is a subcategory of Weathering. In erosion the weathered particles are carried away by wind, flowing water, rain, run-off from melting snow, etc. An example of weathering that is NOT erosion would be the chipping off of pieces of a rock by rain becoming trapped in small cracks where it can freeze and fracture off small particles. The talus at the foot of young mountains is mostly there because of weathering. I hope that's a good enough example for you to see the difference.

Catherine Keis :

Weathering in this context refers to general breakdown of rocks or soils and can be chemical or physical and may or may not involve any movement. For example a soil can be weathered by rainwater moving through it and be chemically altered into a totally different soil type without moving even an inch.

Katherine Barrese :

So erosion is a subset of weathering. Or to put it another way, all erosion is weathering, but not all weathering results in erosion.

Gillian Davison :

>>>>> erosion is by ice wind or water, whethering is just by

Mirjana Karanovic :

>>>>> wind

Pamela Collyer :

Nonsense. Chemical weathering by water is far more widespread than weathering by wind.

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Rie Fukami :

what does the i in ipod stand for ( in ONE word) no explanations

Julienne Davis :

I didn't think it stood for anything...

Monique van de Ven :

Im not totally sure: check out this web site i dont know if it will help

Loretta Rossi :


Jennifer Stewart :

cant be no explanations - its a concept doesnt stand for anything:

Yeung Yee Ting :

The company has many other products with a lowercase "i" in front of the name, including iSight, iChat, iTunes, iDVD, iBook, and many more. When Apple first introduced the iMac, the "i" stood for Internet, meaning that the iMac shipped with everything needed for a connection. The "i" also stood for "individual" and "independence" ? as well as other words that complemented Apple's "Think Different" Campaign launched in conjunction with the first iMac, but the prefix stuck, as the brand recognition associated with it has positive effects on the sales of Apple products. Recently, some media have started referring to the generation primarily born in the late 1980s, and which in particular has made the iPod popular, as the iGeneration, suggesting that the "i" family of products may have a far-reaching cultural impact.

Washington County Ohio

Serena Gordon :

What is the meaning of Chicago's 25 or 6 to 4

Erica Gavin :

Time; like on a clock face. Meaning it is 3:34 or 3:35. Or did you want the meaning of the entire song? Cuz it is just not that deep.

Deanna Casaluce :

From what my dad told me, it was his 25th attempt to write the song, and it was 6 minutes until 4 in the am. He saw cop lights outside (flashing lights against the sky).

Mari Possa :

That's the jist anyways. It's a song about writing a song literally

Ashlie Atkinson :

The title refers to the time of day. It is either 3:35AM (25 to 4) or 3:34AM (26 to 4). We know it is early morning because of the line "Waiting for the break of day.

Sunetra Sarker :

There was a rumor that "6 to 4" was a nickname for LSD, because if you dropped acid at 6 PM, the effects of the drug would wear off by 4 AM, 10 hours later.

Sandy Dempsey :

It's just a reference to the time of day"--as in "waiting for the break of day" at 25 or (2)6 minutes to 4 a.m. (3:35 or 3:34 a.m.)

Gretchen Mol :

The song "25 or 6 to 4" appeared on "Chicago II" and was written by organist/vocalist Robert Lamm. The title and lyrics have puzzled many since it appeared in 1970. Some say it's a drug reference, suggesting a unit of measurement involving the quantity of joints that can be rolled from a what-used-to-be dime bag. Some feel it's about looking for spiritual revelation, undergoing a mysterious soul-searching journey.

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Nadja Nagl :

What's your favorite band

Alice Davis :

Nickle Creek.

Agnieszka Grochowska :

Metallica. why??? cause its the best!!!!!!!

Angie Everhart :

Pretty ricky

Maria Pitillo :

Nine Inch Nails. Trent can be fast or slow like a great lover. Relaxed or aggressive. He's got a decent sized body of work to listen to since he's been around for a while. His voice is raspy...I love that in a lead.

Apollonia van Ravenstein :

Bif Naked

Jennifer Welles :

fuck that ill choose alot motley crue poison winger shit like that i wouldnt choose just one are you fucking crazy?fightstar suck ass!!!!!!

Marley Shelton :

um....definitely a band thats no where near finished because i dont want to be stuck listening to the same old shit everyday for the rest of my life so...fightstar

Jennifer Decker :

MLTR... don't ask why...i just love them :-)

Magdalena Komornicka :

I can't just choose one band so I choose Panic! At The Disco & Fall Out Boy I can listen to them forever! ?

Supakson Chaimongkol :

Sniffin' the Tears.

Alejandra Marin :


Amelia Heinle :


Nao Takigawa :

Right now, my fave bands are...Green Day (the old stuff), Mindless Self Indulgence, Leftover Crack, Dead Kennedys, and Rise Against! So meh! I said more than bad. Ok so one for the rest of my life...Mindless Self Indulgence! They rock man.

Monica van Campen :

Slipknot cause it never grows old!!!!!!!

Daniella Tobar :

Green Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia Rojas :

followed by:

Michelle Williams :

Hawthorne Heights (from my Hometown)

Lauren Pope :

Fall Out Boy

Arlene Nicole Rodriguez :

Simple PLan

Victoria Racimo :

Good Charlotte

Tracey Mann :

The Damned

Rachel Stevens :


Fantasy Baseball News

Grace Tom :

Are there any references in the bible to people having sex outside marriage or to men with more than one wife

Anna Prucnal :

The object of sex acording to christians is to porcreate. Adam and Eve were not married toeach other and they had sex or we would not be here. I might even say it was incest. There must have been a lot of incest and sex outside marriage in the beginning. If this is the case... sex with multiple partners was also quite common as it is today.

Stacia Crawford :

The Old Testament is a shadow of the New Testament. In the Old Testament, God was patient with His people just like a parent is patient with a child and teaches the child over time. In the New Testament, Jesus (God in the flesh) fulfills what was in the Old Testament and perfects it. Then He also calls us to the same perfection by His grace and mercy.

Midori Satsuki :

Therefore, read what Jesus says about marriage and you will have your answer.

Annelise Hesme :

You would be hard pressed to find any book in the Old Testament that did not speak of men having sexual relations with women who were not their wives.

Femi Benussi :

The mother of Jews, Abraham's wife Sarah, was a prostitute. As was her daughter in law, Rebekah, Isaac's wife.

Kathy Ireland :

I do not know the bible much anymore (have not picked one up in about 5 years). But one thing I recall is that several seemed to have children unmarried.

Maike Meijer :

Take Lot and his own two daughters for intence, each of his daughters were not married to him, obviously, yet each had a child by him.

Eva Robins :

If by Mary, you refer to the Virgin Mary, her child Jesus was the susppossed son of god. Now Mary was not married to god, and she was married to Joseph, but her son was gods child. Thus being adultery in a way.

Justine Clarke :

I can not at this moment tell you who, but some men did indeed have more than one wife in the bible.

Sharqui Sanders :

I seem to remember a passage that said someone came forth out of the wilderness!

Jane Ralston :

If you believe everything you read, do not read. There are many interpetations of this famous fairy tale.

Belinda Bauer :

yes there are many references to sex outside of marriage and polygamy in the bible but it is always shown as sinful. Mary was a virgin when she gave birth to Jesus, he was conceived by the holy spirit.

Aida Gomez :

Where are all the rants? Funny that many of the answers in this section involve Christians jumping on their high horse, but where are they now?

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Alejandra Marin :

I need lyrics for the John Mayer and Howie day song "Again and Again"

Scarlett McAlister :

?is this the one you mean??

Leslie Ann Phillips :

Again 'N' Again

Elaine Giftos :

Woke up this morning

Christiane Martel :

Things still ain't good

Jennifer Kuzna :

Alot of things about last night

Amy Locane :

I still ain't understood

Kate Isitt :

Yea I tried not to be in

Shauna OBrien :

Your way all the time

Elke Jeinsen :

I never tried to be wrong

Lauren German :

Just happens all the time

Ada Tauler :

I tried again

Jasmine Touschek :

To lead you back to me

Anna Baniowska :

But you tell me

Kimberly Fisher :

We're still only friends

Denice Duff :

I tried once again

Marieta Orozco :

To lead you back to me

Jane Gurnett :

But it's the same thing

Elizabeth Ashley :

Again 'n' Again

Caro Lenssen :

Always out together

Linda ONeil :

You're hanging around all the time

Jeanette Hain :

You're opening up new feelings

Valeria Hernandez :

You're messing up my mind

Angela Scott :

Yea I don't understand you

Delilah Cotto :

Saying the things you say

Jennifer Mayo :

Saying that you want me

Angela Molina :

But you're playing the field every day

Elvira :

I tried again

Clare Carey :

To lead you back to me

Lavinia Wilson :

But you tell me

Gwen Garci :

We're still only friends

Noemi Steuer :

I tried once again

Angela Velez :

To lead you back to me

Devin Deray :

But it's the same thing

Louisa Millwood-Haigh :

Again 'n' Again

Kristin Novak :

Are you sure that's the correct name of the song? If the above lyrics are correct, I've never heard them nor can I find them anywhere! I'd really like to hear that song.

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